Sheep & Goat Insurance

Whether you are a fellow insurance broker working on behalf of a client, a sheep farmer, a sheep breeder, sheep or goat enthusiast or smallholder, LRMS works with you to provide the most appropriate sheep or goat insurance cover for your circumstances.

At LRMS we individually tailor our Sheep insurance and Goat cover packages to suit our clients and can offer a complete range of insurance products for sheep farmers, breeders, hobbyists, goat owners, smallholders, pet and livestock owners across the country.

As you are probably aware, legislation for sheep and goat owners can vary greatly throughout the UK. However as sheep farming becomes more competitive, and as more homeowners are looking to downsize, find a small holding and raise their own heard of sheep or goats, we are aware that tailored insurance products that cover exact needs are what our individual clients demand.

Not only do we offer the more typical cover as listed below for sheep and goat owners, we also provide Public Liability insurance to cover you in case one of your animals escapes and causes and accident or damage. We can also supply Transit Cover Insurance for those owners taking their animals to shows or to breeders or other locations.

All Risks of Mortality (ARM):

This type of insurance covers animals in the event of death as a result of any accident occurring, or illness or disease manifesting itself within the policy period.

ARM extensions such as:

  • Business Interruption thereof
  • Theft
  • Government Slaughter Diseases, such as BSE and FMD
  • Business Interruption as a direct result of Government Slaughter following slaughter or movement restriction
  • Transit Risks (world-wide incl. foetus cover if wanted)

Subject to: Full proposal form and Veterinary Certificate.