Equestrian Bloodstock Insurance

LRMS is proud to work with a wide range of equestrian and bloodstock organisations and individuals; including studs, show jumpers, endurance, dressage and race animal owners.

We have extensive experience in the equestrian insurance market and can arrange comprehensive, competitive insurance solutions ranging from All Risks Mortality – which covers a variety of unfortunate situations including accident, sickness and disease; to Prospective Foal Cover and Stallion Infertility.

Working with independent brokers or bloodstock owners, LRMS provides specific tailored insurance packages suitable for unique, individual needs.

Listed below is a breakdown of our more typical bloodstock and equestrian insurance cover. If you have specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. All Risks of Mortality

Covered: Mortality following accident, sickness and disease. Any surgeries need to be advised to underwriters prior to operation. Local road transits are included.

Information Required: Details of horse: Age, Name, Value, Use, Details of location, Veterinary certificate.

2. Loss of Use

Covered: Loss of use for Show-Jumpers for accidental external injuries only with a 75% indemnity.

Information Required: X-Rays of all 4 legs (1 picture per leg)

3. Infertility

Covered: The loss which may incur in the event of the insured Stallion becoming permanently impotent, infertile, or incapable of serving Mares as a result of an accident, illness, or disease incurred and reported to Underwriters during the Policy period.

Information Required: Veterinary Statement with specific reference to genitalia.

4. Life Saving Surgery Extension

Covered: Policy extends to reimburse reasonable and customary fees for surgical procedures performed to save the life of an insured animal. Also to pay for reasonable and customary after-care while the Insured animal is kept on the premises where the surgery is performed. After-care is limited to: 1. 50% of the cost of surgery and 2. No more than fifteen days from the time of surgery. The combined limit of liability for covered surgery and after-care is £2,500 per animal per policy year.

5. Prospective Foal Cover

Covered: to indemnify the INSURED, up to but not exceeding the Underwriters limit of liability specified in the Schedule, in the event that: The mare named in the Schedule, who has not given birth to a live foal during the period of this Insurance, is not in foal at the expiration of the Insurance to which this extension clause is attached; or The foal in utero named in the Schedule is not alive at the expiration of the Insurance to which this extension clause is attached.

Information Required :Three scanner reports showing negative twins diagnosis made by a Veterinary Surgeon or other scanner operator approved by the Underwriters with the first scan having been taken between 14 and 19 days after the last service and the second scan between 20 and 35 days after the last service. The third scan to take place between 42 days and 60 days.