Working with Brokers

We work closely with you so that you maintain the relationship with your client and we ensure that the cover given is appropriate, fair and as accommodating as possible.

We welcome insurance brokers and our business policy is to work with you to develop a tailor-made policy, individual to your clients needs.

We strive to be professional, open minded and as helpful as possible with all intermediaries we work with. Please contact us for an informal chat or to talk through a potential enquiry.

Whether you are an insurance broker working on behalf of a client or an animal owner, if you have an insurance enquiry that relates to animals, not necessarily to only mortality or transit, please let us know.

Contact us as we have sister organisations that may be in a better position to assist you, as well as an extensive network of Insurers and specialist brokers that we can refer you to that may be able to help.

New Risks & Solutions

With the world of insurance constantly growing and evolving, LRMS have been working with organisations and brokers worldwide to provide new and creative ways of minimising risk for animal businesses.

For more information

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