Cattle & General Livestock Insurance

Cattle can be rewarding to keep, but at the same time expensive, and any loss or trauma can have a significant financial impact, so no matter why you keep cattle, it makes sense to have the most appropriate insurance cover for your animals.

Our Cattle insurance provides cover for death as a result of illness, injury or breeding. Cover can be given for your herd, your heifers, calves or prize bull. As further insurance for bulls we provide an extra cover which makes a payment where the bull is proved to be permanently impotent, infertile or incapable of service as a result of illness or injury.

LRMS has many years of experience dealing with cattle insurance customers from all over the world and with the different needs and types of cover they require.

We have built a wealth of experience and by keeping up to date with the ever changing regulations and requirements within the farming, breeding and agriculture sectors we offer a range of specialist cattle insurance cover. Listed below is a range of typical cover taken by our cattle owning customers, however if you have some specific requirements, would like to discuss transit risks or specific insurance for semen straws, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All Risks of Mortality (ARM) :

This type of insurance covers animals in the event of death as a result of any accident occurring, or illness or disease manifesting itself within the policy period.

ARM extensions such as:

  • Business Interruption thereof
  • Theft
  • Government Slaughter Diseases, such as BSE and FMD
  • Business Interruption as a direct result of Government Slaughter following slaughter or movement restriction.
  • Transit Risks (world-wide incl. foetus cover if wanted)

Subject to: Full proposal form and Veterinary Certificate.