Exotic Animal & Zoo Insurance

LRMS has a number of different insurance packages specifically designed to cater for more unusual and exotic animals.

For us ‘Exotic or Zoo’ animals can be a wide variety of different species. From tigers to rhinos; giraffes to elephants; and lizards to limas. We deal with such a wide range of animals, chances are we have experience in what you are looking for.

Our LRMS Exotic Animal and Zoo insurance provides a range of insurance cover for unusual animals. Contact us now with your specific enquiry.

Whilst the range of cover can be wide and varied, each of our policies for exotic mammals, birds and reptiles has been developed by working with professional underwriters, animal specialists and using our own, hands-on, practical experience.

Our more typical insurance includes cover such as…

  • Veterinary Fee Cover
  • Death and loss of your pet by theft
  • Death or injury of your pet by weather perils
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Transit

Together, with our expert advisers ,we can offer a great deal of advice and recommendations for animal transit and ˜On Site” insurance requirements.

Please note, whether you are a broker working on behalf of a client or an animal owner, exotic animal and zoo insurance demands can be very wide and varied. For assitance and more information about your specific insurance requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

For more information

Call +44 (0)1284 735 617 or email info@lrms.co.uk.