Deer, Alpaca, Llama Insurance

LRMS has a number of different insurance packages specifically designed to cater for more unusual and exotic animals.

LRMS works with specialist underwriters to provide the types of insurance you should consider for your individual animals or your entire herd.

Our more typical Alpacas, llamas, Deer and Camelid insurance covers:

All Risks of Mortality (ARM):

This type of insurance covers animals in the event of death as a result of any accident occurring, or illness or disease manifesting itself within the policy period.

ARM extensions such as:

  • Business Interruption thereof
  • Theft
  • Government Slaughter Diseases, such as BSE and FMD
  • Business Interruption as a direct result of Government Slaughter following slaughter or movement restriction
  • Velvet insurance under special circumstances
  • Transit Risks (world-wide incl. foetus cover if wanted)

Subject to: Full proposal form and Veterinary Certificate.